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Description of Minnesota Courts Data:  This database includes current and historical felony, gross misdemeanor and some Class A and B misdemeanor court conviction records, custody arrest records, and prison prints (Persons convicted and sentenced to prison or probation and/or transferred from another state).  Search results show defendant name, alias names, date of birth, state identification number, physical descriptions, county, county case number, charge or charges, disposition, sentence and sentence date. Does not include release dates from prison or parole. The conviction records date back to 1965.  This database is updated monthly.

Description of Minnesota Corrections Data: This database includes felony conviction records only. Search results show the defendant's name, date of birth, race, sex, county, offense description, and offense statute, time served, parole information and institution information. The corrections records date back to 1980. This database is updated monthly. The Department's of Correction only release public data on 1 to 4 of the last known conviction records from the state databases.

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