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Criminal Record Sample


The following is a sample of what an employer or landlord would see if they ordered a standard criminal record search on an applicant.


Please note: Record formats will vary from county to county and other jurisdictions. Regardless, we always provide easy to read data.


Subject Name: Doe, John
Social Security Number:
Date of Birth: 08/06/64

Jurisdiction / Location: Sacramento, CA
Search Type: FM
Yrs Searched - Higher Court: 01/06/94 - 01/04/01
Yrs Searched - Lower Court: 01/06/94 - 01/04/01
Result: Hit
Special Notes (if any):

Jurisdiction: Sacramento, CA

Report Type: Felony and Misdemeanor
Years Searched - Higher Court: 01/06/94-01/04/01
Years Searched - Lower Court: 01/06/94-01/04/01
Name Requested: Doe, John
Date Of Birth Requested: 08/06/64
SSN Requested:
AKA1 Requested:
AKA2 Requested:
Address Requested: --
Other ID Requested:
Name Found: Doe, John
DOB Found: 08/06/64
SSN Found:
AKA1 Found:
AKA2 Found:
Address Found: 4050 Fantasy Wy #001, Sacramento, CA
Other ID Found: DLN: AME880500000
Case Number: 99T03AME
Charge 1: 23152AME D.U.I. -(M) Dispo: Guilty. Charge 1 Sentence: 48 hours jail; 3 years probation; $1564.00 fine/fees; DUI offender program (amount of time not specified); attend victim impact panel (amount of time not specified)

Charge 2: 23152AME BAC over 8% -(M) Dispo: Dismissed.
Offense Date: 6/6/99
Arrest Date: 6/6/99
File Date: 6/22/99
Disposition Date: 7/27/99
Other Case Info:
ID Discrepancies:



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