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Employee Screening

What is a standard account?

If you need access to AmerUSA.net's exhaustive set of employee screening tools except for an employee credit report, this is the most common option and probably the best one for your business.

Our standard account services include SSN verification, county criminal records, statewide criminal records, federal district court searches, nationwide sexual predators, bankruptcy filings, tax liens, DMV driving records and nationwide wants such as the FBI's most wanted, ATF, DEA, US Secret Service, US Customs and US Marshal.

Setting up a standard account is easy and can be accomplished online in a matter of minutes. All results are available for delivery Monday-Friday by email or fax and may take anywhere from 1-3 business days depending on the search requested. Free phone support is available for help with results.

Sign Up for a Standard Account

What is an FCRA employer account?

If you require access to an employee credit report in addition to all of our other services, then an FCRA employer account is what you'll need, but it takes a few days to set up.

All employers are required by the credit bureaus to complete a registration packet and undergo a site inspection of where credit reports will be pulled and stored (home-based businesses are not eligible).  An inspector will visit your commercial office to document that you and the location actually exists and that you have a lockable drawer or filing cabinet. Company files will not be inspected.

Note: Government agencies, nonprofit 501(c)(3) organizations and publicly traded companies are exempt from the inspection process. Therefore, these entities can usually be setup the same day.

Sign Up for an FCRA Account (print and fax)
Need help?
If you're unable to decide which option is best for you or have additional questions, please contact us for more information.

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