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Tenant Screening

What is a standard account?

If you plan on using AmerUSA.net only a few times a year or need credit results fast (today), this is the most common option for the individual landlord.

Based on official credit scoring algorithms for underwriting tenant applications, a standard account enables the individual landlord to receive a credit decision without having to comply with the mandatory office site inspection required by all major credit bureaus. The standard report is as close as you can get to a full credit report typically offered to professional account holders. However, this report is a highlighted format that does not expose account numbers or other identifiers.

Sign up today and receive just enough information to make an informed decision.

Sign Up for a Standard Account

What is a professional account?

If you require access to an entire tenant credit report so you can personally review all of its contents and coding, then a professional account offering instant online access 24/7 is what you'll need, but you must allow 3-5 days to set up your account.

All landlords and agents are required by the credit bureaus to complete a registration packet and undergo a site inspection where credit reports will be pulled and stored. An inspector will visit either a home or commercial office to verify the landlord's or agent's identity and the existence of a lockable drawer or filing cabinet. Files will not be inspected.

There are no minimum requirements for this account and most people are eligible (even those with just one rental property). It's the initial setup time and onetime inspection fee that usually deters people.

Sign Up for a Professional Account (print and fax)
Need help?
If you're unable to decide which option is best for you or have additional questions, please contact us for more information.

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