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Effective November 1, 2006: The federally regulated credit bureaus require a site inspection of your principal office or residence (if you have a home office) and wish to have access to an official credit report. As an alternative, you may use the AmTRAX® tenancy report to avoid a site inspection.

What is a site inspection? A licensed inspector approved by the bureau will visit your office or home (wherever you primarily operate) to verify the following: 1. Consumer credit files can be stored securely in a locked (room, drawer, filing cabinet, safe, etc). 2. you operate in a legal manner and are not operating an authorized business such as a massage service, credit counseling organization, law enforcement agency, private investigator, tattoo service, bail bondsman, adult entertainment, credit repair or reseller, news agency, journalist or dating service. Site inspection sample.

Which credit check service is right for you?                                    AmTRAX Tenancy Report Official Credit Report
Service Information
Cost Per Report $24.95 $9.95
Sample Report Sample Sample
Site Inspection Required by Federally Regulated Credit Bureau -
Site Inspection Cost (Onetime fee) - $75
Initial Account Setup Timeframe 2-6 Hrs 3-4 Days
Registration Fee Free Free
Membership Fee Free Free


Delivery Method Fax/Email Online
Delivery Time One Hour Instant
Monday-Friday Processing Hrs 9am-7pm 24 Hrs
Saturday Hours Processing Hrs 10am-5pm 24 Hrs
Sunday Hours Processing Hrs Closed 24 Hrs
Included Features    
Official Data from Federally Regulated Repository
Entire Credit File Disclosed (Creditors, Balances, Payments, etc.) -
FICO Credit Score -
SSN Verification
Address Verification
Reported Addresses -
Reported Employment -
Professional Opinion and Credit Decision -
*Use Your Own Rental Application -
Past Due Accounts
Collection Accounts
Judgments (includes monetary eviction judgments)
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*AmTRAX® will allow your rental application to be used the first time only.  All future orders will require you to use either the AmerUSA consent form or AmerUSA rental application which can be personalized for free with your name and information. See sample.

Additional Services Are Available to ALL Users

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Basic Criminal Record Search
Comprehensive Criminal Record Search
Federal Criminal Record Search
Department of Corrections
Sex Offender Registry
Driving Record


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Note: If you do not require a credit check, register for the AmTrax product to order all other AmerUSA screening products and services.

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